Meeting Date Meeting details & themes
 24th Oct Competition: "Wood, Wire & Canvas" - Aircraft of WW1 or biplanes of 'traditional construction'

Theme: Back in the USSR - anything made in or used by the USSR, any era

 28th Nov

 End of Year Competition - all categories. See "competition overview" for more details

 19th Dec

 2020 Christmas Lunch & Drinks + General Display

23rd Jan 2021 Theme: Big in Japan - cars, planes, tanks, ships and anything else of Japanese origin
Theme: Apocalypse Now - helicopters, all scales
27th Feb 2021 Theme: Living in the 70s - cars, tanks, aircraft and anything else - as it was during the 1970s
Theme: Wet Wet Wet - anything that lands on, sails through or moves under the water
13th Mar 2021 Bring and Build day
27th Mar 2021 Theme: 100th Anniversary of the RAAF - anything used by the Australian Air Force, any era (replaces ANZAC theme)
24th Apr 2021 Theme: 50 Shades of Blue and Gray - anything with a mostly blue or gray colour scheme (or a mix of both)
Theme: War in the East - anything used in combat on the Eastern front - from the invasion of Poland to the fall of Berlin
22nd May 2021 Wing Commander Connolly Memorial Training Aircraft ompetition
Theme: Up in lights - any subject that has appeared in a TV show or movie
26th Jun 2021 Competition: IPMS Memorial Warbirds competition - Nakajima Ki-84 Frank. Any kit, any scale
Theme: Haulin' - utes, trucks, vans and station wagons, plus troop, cargo and passenger carriers - military or civilian
24th Jul 2021 Group Build Presentation: Aircraft - Eduard 1/48 Me-109 (all editions), Armour - Tamiya 1/48 T-55,
Cars/Trucks - Revell 1/24 Kenworth, Ships - Axis cruisers 1/700 or 1/600.
28th Aug 2021 Model Kit Auction - Bring kits to sell or add to your collection. Starts at 12pm sharp!
11th Sep 2021 Bring and Build day
25th Sep 2021 Theme: Best of British - anything produced in or used by the UK
Theme: Phabulous Phantoms - Phantom jets in any scale, any scheme.
23rd Oct 2021 Competition: "Wood, Wire & Canvas" - Aircraft of WW1 or biplanes of 'traditional construction'
Theme: Braille Scales - Aircraft & armour 1/72 or smaller, cars & trucks 1/43 or smaller, ships 1/600 or smaller
27th Nov 2021 End of Year Competition - all categories
18th Dec 2021 Christmas Lunch & Drinks + General Display