2022 Calendar
Date Meeting details & themes
22nd Jan Theme: Coupes & Convertibles - any era
Theme: Wheeled military vehicles from any era
26th Feb Theme: Wars in the Mediterranean - anything that fought on land, air or sea in the Mediterranean - any era
Theme: High-Vis - any subject painted mostly in Yellow, Orange, Red or other high visibility schemes
12th Mar Bring and Build day
26th Mar Theme: After Dark - Night Bombers, night fighters and other aircraft operated at night
Theme: Generation Z - anything created from 1995 to the present day
23rd Apr Theme: ANZAC - Anything used by the armed forces of Australia or New Zealand
28th May Wing Commander Connolly Memorial Training Aircraft Competition
Theme: Viva Italia! - Anything made in Italy or used by the Italians, any era
11th Jun Bring and Build day
25th Jun IPMS Memorial Warbirds Competition - Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, all kits, scales and versions
Theme: Fabulous Fifties - cars, tanks, aircraft and anything else - as it was during the 1950s
23rd Jul

Group Build Presentation:

  • Aircraft: Eduard 1/48 Spitfire (all versions),
  • Ships:1/600 & 1/700 Allied WW2 battleships,
  • AFV: Tamiya/Academy/AFVClub 1/35th M113 (all versions),
  • Cars: Revell 1970 Dodge Challenger
27th Aug Model kit auction - Bring kits to sell or add to your collection. Starts at 12pm sharp!
10th Sep Bring and build day
24th Sep Theme: International Rescue - anything used in rescue operations - land, sea or air, civilian or military
Theme: Anything with a delta wing - military or civilian
22nd Oct Competition: "Wood, Wire & Canvas" - Aircraft of WW1 or biplanes of 'traditional construction'
Theme: Dogfight Doubles - bring TWO kits of subjects which were rivals. Be creative!
26th Nov End of year competition - all categories
17th Dec Christmas lunch & drinks + general display