28th Jan Theme: Galaxy Quest - Anything from the Star Trek universe
Theme: Model anything used in battle during 1943. (Include details of theatre and unit/squadron with your kit)
25th Feb Theme: Red, White & Blue - anything with a predominantly red, white or blue finish (or a combination of them)
Theme: The Nordic Model - anything made in or used by a Nordic country - any era
18th Mar Bring and Build Day
25th Mar Theme: Vive La France! - anything made or used by the French, any time period
Theme: Between the Wars. Anything, military or civilian, as it was between December 1918 and August 1939
22nd Apr Theme: ANZAC - Anything made in or used by Australia or New Zealand
27th May Wing Commander Connolly Memorial Training Aircraft Competition
Theme: Swingin' Sixties - anything as it was during the 1960s
 17th June IPMS Memorial Warbirds display - Hawker Hurricane, any kit, any scale.
Theme: Across the line! - any subject that took part in a race or rally of any kind
15th July Bring and Build Day 
22nd July Group Build Presentation: Aircraft: Mig-21, Ships:1/350 WW2 Destroyers, AFVs: Half-Tracks of any type,
Cars: Volkswagen Beetle, Space: 1/72 Horizon Mercury kits, Sci-Fi: …..
26th Aug Model kit auction - Bring kits to sell or add to your collection. Starts at 12pm sharp!
Download a copy of the auction form
16th Sep Bring and Build Day
23rd Sep Theme: Bugs, Rhinos and Growlers - F-18 Hornets and Super Hornets, any version, kit, or scale
Theme: WW2 tanks versus tank destroyers
28th Oct Competition: "Wood, Wire & Canvas" - Aircraft of WW1, or biplanes of 'traditional construction'
Theme: Sea Wings - Naval Aircraft of any type or era
25th Nov End of Year Competition - all categories
16th Dec Christmas Lunch & Drinks + General Display